Will There Be An ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2?

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The Heartwarming Continuation of Groot’s Journey among the Stars

The lovable and enchanting Baby Groot, known for his heart-melting “I am Groot” phrases, is set to make a triumphant return to our screens with the highly anticipated second season of “I am Groot.” Following the resounding success of its debut season in August 2022, this animated series is all set to take viewers on another cosmic adventure, bringing joy, laughter, and a dash of mischievousness.


A Joyous Announcement: Season 2 is on its Way!

Fans of the MCU and especially the GOTG franchise received an exciting surprise when Marvel Studios officially announced the release of “I am Groot” Season 2. Scheduled to premiere exclusively on Disney+ on 6 September 2023, this second instalment promises to capture the hearts of young and old viewers.


From Twig to Trouble: Groot’s New Adventures

The teaser trailer, unveiled on 6 August 2023, perfectly synchronised with National Tree Day, gave us a sneak peek into the cosmic capers that await us. This season showcases our pint-sized hero Groot engaging in endearing and often comical escapades. From stealing a spaceship in the most adorable way possible to his playful encounters with unexpected and dangerous weapons, every scene is a testament to the creators’ ability to infuse innocence and mischief into one delightful character.


Will There Be An 'I Am Groot' Season 2? (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Will There Be An ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2? (Credit – Marvel Studios)



Vin Diesel’s Reprise: Groot’s Voice Lives On

A key ingredient in the charm of Baby Groot is undoubtedly his unique voice. The soulful “I am Groot” phrases that resonate through the cosmos are voiced by Vin Diesel. Maintaining continuity with Groot’s appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vin Diesel is set to reprise his role this upcoming season, ensuring that the character’s essence remains intact.


A Glimpse into the Cosmic Playground: Season 1 Recap

Before we eagerly dive into the celestial escapades of Season 2, let’s take a moment to recall the magic of the debut season. The first instalment of “I am Groot” premiered with five captivating shorts on 10 August 2022. As part of Phase Four of the MCU, it introduced us to Baby Groot’s irresistible charm, leaving us all wanting more.


A Cosmic Continuation: Phase Five’s Delight

As Phase Five of the MCU unfolds, “I am Groot” Season 2 is all set to be a star-studded addition to the lineup. With its release on 6 September 2023, fans can expect another round of heartwarming tales to solidify Baby Groot’s status as a fan-favourite character.


Anticipation Mounts: What Lies Ahead?

The looming question that has taken hold of fans is what exactly lies ahead for Baby Groot in Season 2? Will he face galactic adversaries, form new friendships among the stars, or perhaps stumble upon a greater purpose than he could have imagined? As the mischievous twig embarks on his latest adventures, viewers can only speculate on the surprises and emotions that await.


Mark Your Calendars: A Date with Baby Groot

With the release of “I am Groot” Season 2 inching closer, it’s time to mark calendars, set reminders, and embark on a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and a touch of interstellar magic. 6 September 2023 promises to be a day where young and old hearts unite in anticipation of the heartwarming tales that only Baby Groot can deliver.

Baby Groot carves a unique and irreplaceable space in a world where superheroes and cosmic adventures dominate the entertainment landscape. His innocence, indomitable spirit, and “I am Groot” phrases have touched millions of hearts across the globe. As we eagerly await the premiere of “I am Groot” Season 2, remember that the smallest among us can sometimes bring the greatest joy. So, get ready to let out a collective “I am excited” because Baby Groot’s cosmic journey continues, and it’s bound to be an unforgettable ride.





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