Should a 12-year-old watch ‘The Nun’?

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The Nun (2018) is a horror film that is part of the popular Conjuring universe. It tells the story of a priest and a nun who investigate a mysterious suicide at a Romanian abbey, where they encounter a demonic force in the form of a sinister nun.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, who praised its performances, atmosphere, and set pieces but criticized its logic, narrative, and reliance on jump scares. Some reviewers also noted that the film was not as scary or original as the previous Conjuring films.

But what about the younger viewers? Should a 12-year-old watch The Nun? The answer is probably no. The film is rated R for terror, disturbing and bloody images, and violence. It contains scenes of gore, torture, possession, exorcism, and creepy imagery that might be too intense for children and teenagers who are easily influenced or scared.

Moreover, the film deals with themes of faith, evil, and sin that might be confusing or disturbing for younger viewers who are not familiar with the Catholic doctrine or the history of the abbey. The film also has some references to sexual abuse and incest that might be inappropriate for children and teenagers.

Therefore, parents should exercise caution and discretion when deciding whether to let their 12-year-old watch The Nun. The film is not suitable for immature or sensitive viewers who might be traumatized or influenced by its content. Parents should also be aware of the potential effects of watching horror films on children and teenagers, such as nightmares, anxiety, fear, or aggression.

If parents decide to let their 12-year-old watch The Nun, they should do so under supervision and guidance. They should explain the context and meaning of the film, as well as its fictional nature. They should also discuss the values and messages of the film with their child and help them cope with any emotions or questions they might have after watching it.

In conclusion, The Nun is a horror film that is not intended for young viewers who can not handle its intense content. Parents should be careful and responsible when choosing whether to let their 12-year-old watch The Nun, as it might have negative effects on their mental health and well-being.




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