Loki Season 2 Running Time: How Long is The Duration Without Credits Of Loki Season 01 & 02?

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Loki, the popular TV series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has garnered a dedicated fan base since its debut. As viewers eagerly anticipate the second season, one burning question remains: how long will each episode of Loki Season 2 be? In this article, we’ll examine the running times of Season 1’s episodes, both with and without credits, and speculate on what we can expect for Season 2.


Loki Season 1 Episode Durations

Before delving into Season 2, let’s look at the episode durations for Loki Season 1. The series featured six episodes, each with a unique storyline and character development. Here’s a breakdown of the running times for Season 1 episodes, including both the total duration with credits and the duration without credits:


Episode Running Time (with Credits) Running Time (Without Credits)
01 50 minutes 22 seconds 45 minutes 34 seconds
02 53 minutes 15 seconds 48 minutes 27 seconds
03 41 minutes 01 seconds 36 minutes 13 seconds
04 47 minutes 43 seconds 42 minutes 23 seconds
05 48 minutes 32 seconds 43 minutes 42 seconds
06 45 minutes 25 seconds 40 minutes 23 seconds


According to Disney Plus Hotstar, The total running time for all six episodes of Loki season 1, including credits, is approximately 4 hours, 46 minutes, and 18 seconds (286 minutes and 18 seconds). These running times highlight the differences in episode lengths, with variations of several minutes between the shortest and longest episodes. It’s important to mention that the duration without credits is typically shorter, as credit sequences can significantly extend the total episode length.


Loki Season 2 Episode Durations: What to Expect

The running times for Loki Season 2, specifically for Episodes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06, have yet to be officially confirmed. This lack of confirmation stems from the release strategy of the Loki series, which unveils episodes every week on Disney Plus Hotstar. Typically, the running times for these episodes are confirmed only after they have been released to the public.

Fans of Loki can anticipate that the running times for Season 2 will follow a similar pattern to Season 1, but there’s always room for surprises. It’s conceivable that the lengths of Season 2 episodes may vary by a few minutes, either longer or shorter, compared to their Season 1 counterparts. The series creators might decide to adjust episode durations to suit the pacing and narrative of the second season.

However, one aspect likely to remain consistent is the focus on delivering engaging and dynamic storytelling. Loki has been praised for its action sequences, special effects, character development, and intricate plot twists. Regardless of the exact running times, fans can expect another thrilling adventure with their favourite God of Mischief.



In television, episode running times are crucial in shaping the viewer’s experience. As we eagerly await the arrival of Loki Season 2 in October 2023, the exact durations of its episodes remain a mystery. Nevertheless, by examining the running times of Season 1, we can make educated guesses about what to expect in the upcoming season.

Whether the episodes of Season 2 are slightly longer, shorter, or remain in line with Season 1, one thing is certain: Loki will continue to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and complex characters. As fans, we can’t wait to see what naughty adventures lie ahead for our beloved God of Mischief.


Loki Season 02 

Episode Release Date Runtime Runtime Without Credits
 01 October 6, 2023 45 Minutes 41 Minutes
02 October 13, 2023
03 October 20, 2023
04 October 27, 2023
05 November 3, 2023
06 November 10, 2023





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