Hulk vs. Thor: Who Wins?

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Hulk and Thor are two of the most iconic and powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. They have both been part of the Avengers, the Earth’s mightiest heroes and have fought alongside each other against many threats. But they have also clashed several times as allies or enemies, and the results have been varied and controversial. Who is stronger, more powerful, and who would win in a Battle between Hulk and Thor?



One of the main factors to consider when comparing Hulk and Thor is their physical strength. Both are incredibly strong, capable of lifting and smashing enormous weights and delivering devastating blows to their opponents. However, their strength levels are not constant and depend on various factors.

Hulk’s power is in direct correlation with his rage. The more enraged he becomes, the more potent he grows, and there is no upper bound to his potential. He has shown feats of strength that are beyond comprehension, such as lifting an entire mountain range, punching a hole through reality, and shattering a planet with his footsteps. He can also adapt to different environments, such as space, underwater, or extreme temperatures.

Thor’s strength is derived from his Asgardian heritage and his mystical hammer, Mjolnir. He can lift up to 100 tons without Mjolnir and much more with it. He can also channel his godly power through Mjolnir to further enhance his strength. He has matched Hulk’s strength on several occasions, such as when he broke free from his grip or knocked him out with a single blow.

However, Hulk has a clear advantage over Thor regarding raw strength. Hulk can keep getting stronger as long as he is angry, while Thor has a limit to how much he can boost his power with Mjolnir. Hulk can also overpower Thor without his hammer, as he did in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Therefore, Hulk wins this category.


Point: Hulk (1:0)


Another factor to consider when comparing Hulk and Thor is their overall power. Power is not just about strength but also about the abilities and skills that they possess. Both of them have a variety of capacities and capabilities that make them formidable foes.

Hulk’s power is mainly based on his durability and regeneration. He can withstand almost any injury and heal from it in seconds. He can survive bullets, bombs, lasers, and even cosmic forces. He can also resist some forms of poison or radiation. He has a high stamina, which allows him to keep fighting for long periods without getting tired.

Thor’s power is mainly based on his control over weather and lightning. He can manipulate the elements of nature, such as wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. He can summon storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning bolts. He can also fly at supersonic speeds and travel across dimensions with Mjolnir. He has a high level of resistance to magic, which gives him an edge over mystical foes.

However, Thor has a clear advantage over Hulk regarding overall power. Thor has more versatility and diversity in his abilities than Hulk. He can attack from a distance with weather manipulation and lightning strikes, while Hulk relies on close combat. He can also use his flight and dimensional travel to escape or surprise Hulk. Therefore, Thor wins this category.


Point: Thor (1:1)


Another factor to consider when comparing Hulk and Thor is their intelligence. Intelligence is not just about knowledge but also about strategy and tactics. Both have different intelligence levels depending on their personalities and situations.

Hulk’s intelligence is usually low when he is in his savage state. He acts on instinct rather than reason. He is easily manipulated or provoked by his enemies, who exploit his anger or fear to their advantage. He often falls victim to traps or tricks that catch him off guard.

Thor’s intelligence is usually high when he is in his normal state. He has a vast knowledge of science, history, mythology, and magic. He is a skilled warrior and leader who can devise strategies and solutions on the fly. He also has a keen analytical mind that allows him to adapt to different scenarios.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Depending on the version of Hulk, he can sometimes retain some or all of his human personality and intelligence as Bruce Banner or other alter egos. For example, there is Professor Hulk, who combines Banner’s intellect with Hulk’s strength; Maestro, who is an evil future version of Hulk with Banner’s cunning; and World War Hulk, who is a vengeful warrior who leads an army of aliens against Earth.

Similarly, depending on the situation Thor, he can sometimes lose some or all of his godly power and intelligence as Donald Blake or other mortal forms. For example, there is Unworthy Thor, who loses his hammer and worthiness; Old Man Thor, an aged and weakened version of Thor in the far future; and Jane Foster Thor, a female version of Thor who has cancer.

However, even with these variations, Thor’s intelligence is still superior to Hulk’s in most cases. Thor has more experience and knowledge in various fields of science and technology, which gives him an edge over Hulk in terms of creativity and innovation. Thor can also use his wit and humor to distract or annoy Hulk or to appeal to his human side if possible.


Point: Thor (2:1)

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis of the three factors above, Thor has a slight edge over Hulk regarding strength, power, and intelligence. However, these are not the only factors that can influence the outcome of a fight. Factors like motivation, environment, allies, enemies, weapons, and luck, can affect the situation.

Therefore, a definitive answer about who would win between Hulk and Thor is yet to be standard. It depends on the circumstances and the scenario. However, we can make general assumptions based on their typical behaviour and characteristics.

Thor can use his powers, abilities, and skills to beat Hulk or calm him down if we discuss a fight that hinders the other. However, in a clear one-on-one fight – especially a deathmatch – Hulk would destroy Thor despite his power advantage.

Thor is a hero who tries to save lives and avoid unnecessary violence. He would not want to kill Hulk or hurt him too much. He would also try to reason with him or appeal to his human side if possible. He would also be aware of the collateral damage a fight with Hulk could cause and try to minimize it.

Hulk is a force of nature who does not care about consequences or morality. He would not hesitate to kill Thor or anyone else who stands in his way. He would also get angrier and stronger as the fight continued, making him more dangerous and unstoppable. He would also cause massive destruction and chaos wherever he goes.

Therefore, unless Thor has some special advantage or preparation, such as a weapon that can neutralize Hulk’s powers or a plan that can trick or trap him, he would not stand a chance against Hulk in a fair fight. Hulk would eventually catch him and smash him into oblivion.

However, Thor is stronger and more heroic than Hulk. It means they have different strengths, weaknesses, and roles in the Marvel Universe. Thor is a godly hero who protects the realms and fights evil with his might and magic. Hulk is a monstrous hero who challenges the status quo and fights oppression with rage and fury.

They are both amazing and iconic characters, inspiring generations of fans and creators. They are both worthy of respect and admiration. And they are both part of the same team – the Avengers – who work together to save the world from greater threats.

So, who would win between Hulk and Thor? It depends on how you look at it. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are both awesome superheroes who make the Marvel Universe more exciting and diverse.


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