How Many Episodes Are In ‘I Am Groot’ Season 01 & 02?

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In the vast galaxy of Marvel cinematic experiences, the lovable and enigmatic Groot has found a special place in the hearts of fans. With the release of “I Am Groot,” an animated series dedicated to exploring the adventures of this sentient tree-like creature, enthusiasts have been eagerly following each episode. This article delves into the episode order and details of both Season 1 and the upcoming Season 2 of ‘I Am Groot.’


Season 1: Exploring Groot’s Beginnings

1. “Groot’s First Steps”: Planting the Seed of Curiosity

The journey begins with Groot’s initial steps, as the title suggests. Directed and written by Kirsten Lepore, this episode chronicles the first moments of Groot’s existence, inviting viewers to witness his earliest interactions with the world. Released on August 10, 2022, this episode sets the tone for the season, showcasing Groot’s innocence and curiosity.


2. “The Little Guy”: A Glimpse of Innocence

Continuing with Kirsten Lepore’s touch, this episode delves deeper into Groot’s exploration of his surroundings. Released alongside the first episode on August 10, 2022, it offers a charming look at Groot’s interactions with various creatures and objects, highlighting his unique perspective on the universe.

3. “Groot’s Pursuit”: Chasing Dreams and Discoveries

In this episode, Groot’s pursuit of knowledge takes centre stage. As Groot’s curiosity grows, so does the complexity of his adventures. Kirsten Lepore’s direction and writing ensure that viewers are captivated by Groot’s determination to uncover the mysteries of the world around him. Released on August 10, 2022, this episode showcases Groot’s growth.

4. “Groot Takes a Bath”: Splash of Playfulness

Kirsten Lepore’s storytelling prowess shines again as Groot faces the amusing challenge of taking a bath. Released on August 10, 2022, this episode introduces a delightful mix of humour and heartwarming moments as Groot navigates the concept of cleanliness uniquely.

5. “Magnum Opus”: Groot’s Masterpiece Unveiled

As the first season concludes, Groot’s artistic side takes centre stage. Kirsten Lepore’s creative direction ensures viewers are treated to a visually stunning and emotionally resonant episode. Released on August 10, 2022, “Magnum Opus” celebrates Groot’s creativity and the connections he forms with the universe.


How Many Episodes Are In 'I Am Groot' Season 01 & 02? (Credit - Marvel Studios)
How Many Episodes Are In ‘I Am Groot’ Season 01 & 02? (Credit – Marvel Studios)



Season 2: Anticipating More Groot Adventures

1. “Title Yet to Be Announced”: Season 2’s Grand Opening

With the anticipation building, Season 2 is set to premiere on September 6, 2023, bringing a fresh wave of Groot-centric tales. The first episode, directed and written by Kirsten Lepore, promises new adventures, mysteries, and heartwarming moments that fans have come to love.

2. “Title Yet to Be Announced”: Unraveling Further Mysteries

Continuing the tradition of blending curiosity, innocence, and excitement, the second episode of Season 2 follows Groot as he unravels new mysteries in the universe. Kirsten Lepore’s creative direction ensures viewers are immersed in Groot’s world, eager to discover what lies ahead.

3. “Title Yet to Be Announced”: Groot’s Jovial Journeys

In this episode, Groot’s journey is joyful as he encounters new friends and embarks on lighthearted escapades. Kirsten Lepore’s direction and writing capture the essence of Groot’s playful spirit, providing an episode that leaves fans with smiles.

4. “Title Yet to Be Announced”: Challenges and Triumphs

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Groot faces challenges that test his resilience and determination. Kirsten Lepore’s storytelling prowess makes viewers emotionally invested in Groot’s journey, rooting for him to overcome obstacles and emerge triumphant.

5. “Title Yet to Be Announced”: Season Finale Spectacle

The grand finale of Season 2 promises to be a spectacle of emotions, adventures, and revelations. Kirsten Lepore’s direction and writing will bring Groot’s second season to a satisfying close, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next instalment in Groot’s cosmic journey.



The “I Am Groot” series features 5 episodes in its first and second seasons and also consists of 5 episodes. The series has masterfully brought Groot’s unique perspective to life, captivating audiences through heartwarming narratives, inquisitive journeys, and limitless imagination. With Season 1 already having captivated fans and Season 2 poised to take us on new adventures, the universe of Groot continues to expand, underscoring the notion that even the tiniest entities possess the most magnificent stories. So, mark September 6, 2023, on your calendars as we enter another chapter within the enchanting and fantastical Grootiverse.




Season & Episode Episode Title Release Date

Season 1, Episode 1

Groot’s First Steps August 10, 2022

Season 1, Episode 2

The Little Guy August 10, 2022

Season 1, Episode 3

Groot’s Pursuit August 10, 2022
Season 1, Episode 4 Groot Takes a Bath August 10, 2022
Season 1, Episode 5 Magnum Opus August 10, 2022
Season 2, Episode 1 Title Yet to Be Announced September 6, 2023
Season 2, Episode 2 Title Yet to Be Announced To be announced
Season 2, Episode 3 Title Yet to Be Announced To be announced
Season 2, Episode 4 Title Yet to Be Announced To be announced
Season 2, Episode 5 Title Yet to Be Announced To be announced



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